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Teaching Approach

Teaching music has always been my passion. I take great joy in guiding students through a musical process that helps them to be confident, independent, and creative individuals. Musical instruction is an exciting journey and allows students to gain the necessary tools to help them unlock their full potential. I teach the individual and because each person is unique, I shape my teaching according to what the student needs at that moment, treating each situation independently from the next.

The learning process is fluid and ever changing so I encourage fun and creative elements of movement, singing, and extended techniques to be incorporated during lessons. Though each lesson is different, it is necessary to establish and maintain a strong focus on fundamentals. I help students develop a mature and refined tone and solid technical control of the instrument so that can develop into expressive artists.

In addition to musical instruction, I find it important to help mentor students in ways they can manage a balanced musical life-style, organize their time, set goals, and reflect on their accomplishments. This helps them keep a healthy perspective on their progress and sets them up to successfully achieve their aspirations. My intention is to equip students with the proper knowledge to be successful in their area of study. Through this process I want to empower students with the tools to be confident, curious, and critical thinkers to become their own teachers.

Private Lessons

Brielle maintains a flute studio throughout the year of all ages and abilities. Lessons are offered either virtually or in-person and include an emphasis on fundamentals such as tone development, technical exercises, and musicality. Repertoire, tone studies, technical patterns, and orchestral excerpts will be chosen and tailored to the needs and musical level of each student.

In addition to teaching lessons, Brielle manages an exciting and active schedule as a master class clinician and instructor. She enjoys working with middle and high school students and has presented several All-State preparation classes and given numerous clinics and workshops including Be Creative: Incorporating Extended Techniques and Theatrics in Flute Playing, The Art of Effective Practicing, Setting Yourself Up for Success During College and Beyond, Exploring Vibrato: Practical Exercises for Implementation, and Deciphering Extended Techniques.

UTRGV All-State clinic
UTRGV Flute Day Clinic
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